Company social and economic policy | JSC “STCW”

Company social and economic policy

1. Personnel policy

The company administration takes measures in order to provide the employees with the work, to raise their qualification and to keep and maintain the personnel potential.

The personnel development policy of JSC "STCW" aims at maintaining the qualification of the company staff at the specified level in accordance with the requirements of the valid company standards.

System of retraining, preparation and attestation covering all categories of employees is functioning at the company.

2. Improvement of labour payment system

The company management pays more attention to improvement of the labour payment system and tries to make payment for labour more dependent upon the final company results, to contribute to improvement of the product competitiveness and effectiveness of work and production.

JSC "STCW" uses piecework pay and time payment.

Annually the company takes measures on improvement of labour payment system.

The company uses a number of stimulating increases and additional payments; moreover, the system of premiums aiming at improvement of the product quality and increase of labour productivity, is functioning at the enterprise. There are increases and additional payments to tariff rates and salaries of the employees:

  • for difficult and harmful work conditions - up to 22%;
  • for professional skill - up to 50%;
  • for night work - 80%;
  • for work during week-ends and holidays, overtime work - in the amount stipulated by the law.

3. Company social policy

The management policy aims at improvement of the social sphere and well-being of the company employees. Trying to keep the personnel the management does its best in order to create additional stimuli in the form of social benefits.

Using the profits remaining at the company it keeps the following objects of the social sphere: the canteen, health station, hostel, recreation camp.

Physical and therapeutic procedures are performed at the health station and different doctors see people there. Annually prophylactic examination of the workers with difficult and harmful conditions takes place.

Every year during summer the company employees and members of their families can spend their holidays and week-ends at the recreation camp "Rassvet" situated at a picturesque place on the bank of the Volga-river.

Provision of the social protection of the company employees is a long-term tradition. It is one of the sections annually included into the company collective labour contract. These are some privileges granted to the company employees:

  • if there are available funds the company employees are accommodated gift loans for purchase or building of housing, training of their children in higher and middle educational establishments, medical treatment;
  • company employees are given an incentive due to jubilees;
  • depending on the duration of the service they are given additional days for holidays;
  • company employees can get to work and home by the company transport;
  • not-working veterans of the plant and participants of the Great Patriotic War get monthly benefits;
  • working veterans of the plant get additional monthly aid in the amount of 1000 rubles;
  • women who are on childcare leave get monthly benefit in the amount of 1500 rubles additionally to the public assistance benefit;
  • employees' children up to 14 years old are given free New Year's gifts;
  • women working at the company not less than a year every month are given an additional day-off and average earnings are kept;
  • company employees are given additional paid days-off in the following cases: death of his or her spouse (4 days) or family member; their own or their child's wedding; on September, 1 - women having schoolchildren of junior forms; birth of a child - to a husband.
  • When going on annual leave, the company employees get material aid in the amount of 3000 rubles; production foremen - in the amount of 100% of the salary; and single mothers, employees with many children, participants of the Great Patriotic War and war in Afghanistan, participants of the war operations in Chechen Republic and of liquidation of the disaster at the Chernobyl atomic power station, and working veterans of the plant get additional material aid.

In order to make the company employees interested in the results of their work and to give an incentive to the qualified personnel:

  • a competition "The best one in the profession" is conducted. The winners are issued Diplomas and given presents. All participants of the competition are given an incentive;
  • photos of the best employees are put on the company Honour Board, and the employees are issued Diplomas and given presents.

An important factor of raising labour productivity is creation of favourable industrial environment.

Much attention is paid to improvement of the manufacturing facilities and the company territory.

On the basis of the financial and economic situation at the company, the management tries not only to keep the system of social protection of the employees but also to extend the list of privileges and guarantees.