Plate by plate method | JSC “STCW”

Plate by plate method of tank metal structures fabrication

The tank metal constructions are produced at our plant not only by the industrial rolling method but also by plate by plate method. The tank shells and bottoms are fabricated of sheets with the maximum dimensions 2500х10000 mm.

Edge machining and bevel milling with the given parameters for welding can be performed by two methods:

All the above methods provide high quality machining of the plate structures completely prepared for erection.

Plates are milled by the plate-bending machine ИБ2426 (Russia) to 40mm and XZC 3000/25 (the Czech Republic) to 25mm, with plate ends being bent while milling. It permits to obtain constant radius on the whole plate length.

The shell sheet constructions are packed and transported in special containers fabricated for it. During transportation in these containers:

The bottom parts are packed and transported in the containers that comply with the project dimensions.