Horizontal steel welded cylindrical tanks | JSC “STCW”

Horizontal steel welded cylindrical tanks

Steel welded horizontal cylindrical tanks of small capacity with the inner capacity from 3 to 100 cub. m, intended for storage of water, oil and liquid fractions of petroleum products fabricated according to TU 5265-025-01394649-2009. They are supplied without technological equipment, pipelines, supports and corrosion-protection coating.

Tank designation and basic parameters
Tank type Capacity, cub. m. Diameter, D, mm. Length, L, mm. Theoretic weight, kg.
РГП 3314002030630
РГП 5519002030880
РГП 7716003500970
РГП 1010160050001350
РГП 2525306035202900
РГП 5050277090504730
РГП 7575325090505045
РГП 1001003060136207200
РГП 1001003250120307200

The customer can order a tank of any capacity from the given nomenclature on the basis of the fixed length or diameter of a smaller or larger tank.