Steel punched plates ПВ2-510 | JSC “STCW”

Steel punched plates ПВ2-510

Steel punched plates ПВ2-510 are fabricated from 5 mm thick metal plate and have the dimensions 5x900x2405 mm and 5x600x2405 mm. The plates are used for arranging stairway flights, transition and technological platforms.

Basic Parameters and Dimensions of the Steel Punched Plates
Plate No. Blank thickness, mm Feed, mm Opening Spacing, mm Plate Height, mm Drawing Dimension, mm Limit Load Per Meter of Length (kg) for Plate Width, mm: Weight of 1 sq. m (kg)
500 600 700 800 900
510 5 10 110 20,5 12,5 2160 1800 1520 1350 1200 24,7

1. Punched steel plates shall be fabricated:

Note: In a delivery set unmeasured plate fragments of length up to 2 m are allowed in the amounts not exceeding 10% of the batch mass.

2. Punched plate cells shall be located along the rolling fiber direction.